15 years of remarkable
market research innovations

PhiPower is a full-service market research firm committed to advancing not only the efficacy of market research, but also the capacity of the science. Using our proprietary technology platform, PhiPower produces some of the most immersive and engaging research available today. We design each study to maximize every question and deliver greater engagement, creating new designs on the fly, and outshining stagnant platforms.

Our Vision

To put our technology to task to fully answer the complicated questions that companies need answered, and when necessary, to evolve and change ourselves. Nothing is fixed today so why should we be?

Meet the Team

The top level officers bring together a vast expertise across multiple disciplines.

Gail Conn

As a psychiatrist for business, has provided consultation, marketing, and strategy for major corporations.

Peter Frederick
EVP Production

Brings a background of award winning film and animation to the online survey.

John Burshek
Chief Research Officer

A passion for understanding mathematically the patterns that drive human behavior.

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